Commission a Creative Education Project

Commission a Creative Education Project

Burnley Youth Theatre can plan a project tailor made to address a specific issue or topic in your school. These projects are perfect to address whole school focuses such as SMSC, fundamental British values and citizenship topics.

This could be a series of workshops over a number of weeks, or a shorter term project. There is also an option to add a creative outcome to the end of the project such as a performance, film or song that the pupils would produce in response to what they have explored through the project.

You can also commission us to create a piece of theatre to bring to your school. Our Devised Professional Theatre Productions tackle issues that your school wants to address in the most effective way possible – through live theatre! This will be devised and staged by professional actors, who will create a tailor-made performance specifically for your school’s subject choice. Alongside this package you can add follow up workshops in order to secure your pupils’ understanding of the issues addressed in the performance, which can run over a whole day, or as a series of follow up workshops throughout the term.

‘Out of this project we have grown in confidence and improved our teamwork skills. We had a chance through this project to speak about things that are personal and real to us.  I have learnt more about terrorism and extremism through this project’

PupilBlessed Trinity Community College