Burnley Youth TheatreBYT

Individual Giving

We are committed to ensuring that all local children and young people have access to the arts if they wish to do so and with your donation we are able to make that a reality. For some children and young people, coming to Burnley Youth Theatre is impossible because of lack of transport, financial difficulties or lack of support. It costs just £20 a month to enable one child to reach us who otherwise would not be able to.

There are multiple ways that you can donate as an individual and we value all of your support whatever the size of the donation.

Give Regularly

You can make a regular monthly donation of any amount and know that it changes the life chances of a child or young person. You can sign up to our regular giving scheme by getting in touch with Leroy Philbrook on 01282 427767 or via email at leroy.philbrook@burnleyyouththeatre.org

Make A One-Off Donation

A one-off donation of any size makes a massive difference to Burnley Youth Theatre. It means we can support young people to do extraordinary things and learn important life skills: team work, communication skills, self-confidence. Young people who work with Burnley Youth Theatre go on to do extraordinary things. You can donate online, by post or when you come to the youth theatre.


For annual gifts of £1000 or upwards you can become more closely involved in our work, including participation in friends' events.


Legacies are precious. A gift in your Will can help us build a platform to ensure we can continue our work in the future. They provide us with the chance to reach thousands of children and young people; making a better future for the next generation.

For more information contact Leroy Philbrook on 01282 427767 or email leroy.philbrook@burnleyyouththeatre.org