Burnley Youth TheatreBYT


We were established by volunteers and over the decades have grown and thrived due to their continued support. We welcome volunteers of all ages (12+) and from all backgrounds to help us continue our work. Volunteer opportunities are varied and negotiated in a way that supports the individual as much as it supports us; you can volunteer to help in our core sessions, work front of house or backstage during our productions, give essential office support, help maintain our grounds or as a community fundraiser. The list is endless!

We are committed that each and every volunteer feels part of the team at Burnley Youth Theatre and we offer a range of support and training as well as regular communications to ensure that they know how special they are to us and our future.

To volunteer in our workshops and activities contact Jess Milne on 01282 427767 or at kat.osborn@burnleyyouththeatre.org

To volunteer in other activities or get information on work experience opportunities contact Aiden Kelly on 01282 427767 or at aiden.kelly@burnleyyouththeatre.org