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Child of The Divide
by Sudha Bhuchar
Saturday 21st October
A remarkable story of family, identity and belonging; marking the 70th anniversary of the partition of India. Summer 1947 and 16 million people are on the move between India and the newly-formed Pakistan. Amid the violent political upheaval young Pali’s fingers slip from his father’s hand, and his destiny changes forever. Taken in by a Muslim family, he is given a new name, a new faith and a new life. But when his real father returns to claim him, Pali must decide who he is: the Hindu boy he was born to be, the Muslim boy he has become, or simply a child of the divide.
Suitable for ages 8+.
01282 458655
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Tales of Birbal
by Mashi Theatre
Thursday 26th October
10am & 1pm
Mashi and Bhanji are travelling story-tellers, living hand-to-mouth with just a wooden cart as their only possession and a family of mischievous crows for company. Stopping one day for lunch, they recreate mythical tales of the great King Akbar and his wise companion, Birbal. How can a man survive a night in a freezing lake? How many crows are there in a kingdom? Only Birbal knows! Using humour, puppetry, music and the occasional fake beard, Mashi and Bhanji bring to vivid life these famous tales that have been treasured for generations.
Suitable for ages 6+.
01282 458655
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Handa's Surprise
by Little Angel Theatre
Monday 30th October
11am, 2pm and 4pm
Travel to Kenya and follow in Handa’s footsteps as she journeys to see her best friend Akeyo, in the next village. Handa is taking 7 delicious fruits as a surprise – but 7 different animals have 7 very different ideas… could you resist the sweet-smelling guava? How about a ripe red mango or a tangy purple passion fruit? With a combination of physical performance, puppetry, live music and song. Come and share in the magical tangerine surprise!
Suitable for ages 2-6 and their grown-ups.
01282 458655
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Happily Ever After
by Action Transport Theatre
Thursday 2nd November
The queen is growing impatient. Her lazy son will never be king until he grows up, gets married and starts acting like one. She invites hundreds of princesses from across the land, hoping to find the perfect bride for the prince, but he isn’t impressed by any of them. Then one day a princess arrives accompanied by her brother… Happily Ever After is a hilarious show from Action Transport Theatre, created in partnership with The Proud Trust. ATT’s signature highly visual, wordless storytelling and comedy clowning will delight audiences of all ages.
Suitable for ages 5+.
01282 458655
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What Once Was Ours
by Zest Theatre & Half Moon
Tuesday 7th November
6pm & 8pm
Katie and Callum couldn’t be any more distant and disconnected: different heritage, different cities, different opportunities. Except there is one thing they’ll always have in common: Dad. What happens when Callum suddenly turns up in desperate need of help? Created against the background of Brexit, What Once Was Ours explores how politics and national values impact on the complex lives of one family. Striking original music and immersive design combine to create this powerful new production for young people.
Suitable for ages 12+.
Limited seating so suitable footwear advised. Contains occasional strong language and emotional themes.
01282 458655
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