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Creative Education Workshops

We offer two kinds of Creative Education Workshops, which support the topics covered in your school curriculum by using drama and creative approaches to bring the curriculum to life and develop your pupils' knowledge.

Creative Curriculum Workshops

Our Creative Curriculum Workshops support the topics covered in the curriculum by using drama and creative approaches such as role play, improvisation, and other performance based activities, in order to spark your pupils' imaginations and develop their knowledge.

Each workshop is bespoke to your school's aims and objectives, including a free consultation meeting beforehand. We can transform any part of your school's curriculum, however previously our most popular Creative Curriculum Workshops have included:

  • Literacy
  • History
  • Science
  • Geography

Reflect Workshops

Our Reflect Workshops are designed to cover whole school focuses such as SEAL and citizenship topics.

These workshops address specific issues through interactive performance activities that pupils can relate to in order to inspire and enlighten them. Again, all our workshops are tailor-made to suit your schools needs and objectives, however our most popular Reflect Workshops include:

  • Transitioning To Secondary School
  • Say No To Bullying
  • Managing Change
  • The Environment

To arrange a free consultation or taster workshop contact Laura Veevers on 01282 427767 or at laura.veevers@burnleyyouththeatre.org