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Current Productions

The Only One in the World
Meet Liv – clever, funny, confident – everything a 15-year-old girl wants to be. Until her world is turned upside down and inside out. Meet Liv – lonely, hurting, vulnerable – everything a predator wants his victim to be. A groundbreaking new play which follows one girl’s journey into a world of child sexual exploitation and grooming told beautifully through storytelling and spoken word with heartbreaking consequences. Created in collaboration with Burnley Youth Theatre, commissioned by and developed with Lancashire Constabulary.

‘Outstanding production – gripping, impactful and beautifully performed’
(Audience Review).

Contains themes of sexual abuse and alcohol/drugs abuse.

If you are interested in booking this show for your venue or school, contact Karen Metcalfe at

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Byteback Theatre

Land of Nod
The day is almost done. It is time for Nod to tidy up and go to bed. But Nod doesn’t want to tidy his toys… he wants to go on adventures!

Join Nod on his magical journey where his imagination can take him anywhere… deep into the beautiful sea of dew where the colourful fish live or up high into the night sky to play amongst the stars.

A beautiful sensory storytelling show exploring the magic of bedtime and the beauty of children’s imagination.

Inspired by the poem Wynken, Blynken and Nod by Eugene Field.

For ages 0 -5 and their families

The show is accessible to very young audiences and includes integrated Makaton.

Land of Nod is avaiable for touring Spring – Autmn 2019 for more information, availablity and tour pack please contact

Past Productions

Kill The Boy (2018)
It starts like this… He’s not going out, he isn’t feeling up to it. It ends like this… Six dead, three hurt, one boy lost forever. Following last year’s sell-out success Dead People Don’t Have Secrets, Byteback Theatre return to the Fringe with their explosive new play, Kill The Boy. Using beautiful storytelling, spoken word and physical theatre, Kill The Boy explores themes of mental health, vulnerability and extremism.

‘In Byteback Theatre’s hands, suspension of disbelief poses no problem, allowing immersion and consideration of some serious issues we face in society today’
★★★★ (, 2017).

Dead People Don’t Have Secrets (2017)
Everyone has secrets. Even the dead. So when a group of strangers suddenly end their lives, grief turns to anger and shame as secrets of loved ones come to light. Inspired by unexplained suicide clusters that have hit the headlines in recent years, this piece asks what would drive a group of strangers to such extremes. Dead People Don’t Have Secrets explores death, loneliness and secrets through physical theatre, storytelling and spoken word.
‘The talent these actors possess is really something special, they captivate the characters profoundly and professionally’
★★★★ (, Edinburgh Fringe 2016).


Once Around The Sun (2016)
Join Willow – traveller, explorer and story collector – on an adventure as she travels for 365 days over land and sea to hear stories from different cultures. Journey with Willow as she meets new friends, celebrates their festivals and brings all of their stories together to create a new traditional tale.
This interactive and immersive theatre piece explores the diverse cross cultural performance styles, stories and music that exist within Lancashire communities. The production takes place inside a magical sensory space where our performers will take the families on a storytelling adventure – exploring cross-cultural tales with a specific aim to engage children aged 0 – 5 and their families.
Once inside, the performers will encourage the audience to explore the many sensory elements within and they will be guided to listen, see, smell and touch. Using live music and sound, the performance will engage even the youngest members of the audience. Following the performance, there will be a short interactive play session, offering parents and carers the opportunity to play creatively with their children.

The Curious Sole of Luna Cobbler (2016)
Can the moon really mend a damaged sole? Is there a pair for everyone? Join Luna in this quirky visual piece, inspired by Tim Burton’s poetry, on a journey to find the perfect solemates one step at a time. With beautiful music, this rhythmic physical piece is both heeling and heart-warming, as loveable characters embrace their weird and wonderful inner selves, face their fears and find their sense of purpose, belonging and freedom.

Losing Grace (2015)
One life. One box. No memories. Meet Grace, close to the end with nothing to take with her. Where have her memories gone? How will she find them? What legacy will she leave? Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules, Losing Grace is a life-affirming tale of rediscovery and the value of our memories. Using beautiful physical theatre and ensemble, Byteback Theatre return to the Fringe to tell this captivating and moving story of life, legacy and loss.
‘The piece is visually stunning and the cast do an exceptional job’
★★★★ (, The Secret Collector, Edinburgh Fringe 2014).

Press review

The Secret Collector (2014)
‘There are two kinds of secrets. The ones we keep from others and the ones we keep from ourselves’ (Frank Warren). Jack is a collector, but not of antiques, buttons or stamps… Jack is a collector of secrets. Fascinated by people’s happiness, excitement, darkness and shame, Jack begins a journey to unlock strangers’ hidden truths and set them free. But what really lies beneath this obsession and how far is he willing to go to make his collection complete? Using beautiful movement and ensemble, Byteback Theatre return to the Fringe to tell this captivating and thrilling story.