Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement

Our youth engagement programme aims to reach as many young people as possible from the diverse range of cultures and communities that exist within Burnley and East Lancashire. Our creative approach inspires young people, raises their aspirations, builds social and practical skills and supports them to take their next steps in life.

We work creatively in a variety of outreach settings including community centres, youth groups and non-mainstream schools, often reaching those young people who are considered hard to engage. We introduce the young people to a diverse range of art forms including drama, film, music and spoken word. By participating in our creative projects the young people develop their skills set. They build confidence and self esteem and enrich their experience of theatre and the arts

Working with young people who are living within our local communities helps us authentically understand the issues and barriers that exist. We shape our projects in response to those issues and we develop new and innovative projects specific to the needs of that community, promoting community cohesion and tackling the issues and realities faced by young people today. We put young people at the heart of our work, we ensure our practice is person centred and we aim to make our in house, core programme of creative activities accessible to all young people.

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youth engagement programme