Creative Education

Creative Education

Burnley Youth Theatre’s Creative Education Programme offers a fresh and innovative approach to learning for schools, nurseries and colleges.

All our workshops and packages are tailor made and bespoke in order to support your schools objectives and outcomes in addition to enhancing your pupils learning though creative art forms such as drama and dance.

To find out further information about our school offer, contact Hannah Ward-Jones,  or call  01282 427767

Examples of Creative Education Projects

Ambition Project – Nelson and Colne College

A tailor made project for the college designed to develop their student’s employability skills through 5 engaging workshops. Students developed transferrable skills including communication, creativity, team work and leadership. The workshops enabled the young people to build their confidence through practical group based activities which were used as a tool for opening up a conversation.  Students were better motivated and better equipped for the world of work after the intervention.

Creative Curriculum Workshops – Roughlee Primary School

Over 10 weeks (a term), each class received a workshop per week that was tailor made to support their current curriculum topic, in order to develop their understanding and knowledge further though the creative arts. Planning was carried out after detailed consultation with the teacher in order for each workshop delivered to fully support the learning objectives that week. Pupils went on a journey using drama and creative approaches to Treasure Island to support their studies of the famous Robert Louis Stevenson novel and developed their understanding of how to create tension through drama. This perfectly complemented their existing writing topic which supported their writing assessments where they had to create tension in their written work. In addition to this, other topics such as Ancient Egypt were delivered in order to keep up with the schools current topic areas. Over the ten weeks, pupils not only developed their understanding of the topics but also grew in confidence and developed their social and emotional skills , resulting in better communication in class and team work.

World Book Day – Whittlefield Primary School

Burnley Youth Theatre’s Creative Education team are skilled in bringing your world book celebrations to life in order to ensure that they are truly memorable for your pupils. Last year, Willy Wonka visited Whittlefield Primary School, where pupils discovered the book character lost in their P.E store cupboard. Using drama and imaginative approaches, pupils worked together in order to re-create the famous Roald Dahl Story Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, in order to kick-start Willy Wonka’s memory, so they could send him back inside the book.

Creative Education Workshops

Do you have a topic that you would like to bring to life with the arts?

Our Creative Education Workshops are designed to support the topics covered in your school curriculum by using drama and creative approaches such as role play, improvisation and other performance based activities in order to spark your pupils imaginations and develop their knowledge.

All of our workshops are linked to the National Curriculum and are led by a team of highly experienced artists focusing on drama, dance and other art forms on request.

Each workshop is bespoke to your school’s aims and objectives and can be delivered to transform any topic or book that your class are studying. Our most popular workshops include:


  • Adapting Fairy Tales
  • Recreating Roald Dahl
  • Shakespeare
  • Playwriting
  • Devising
  • Performance Poetry


  • Inventors and Inventions
  • Space
  • Under The Sea
  • Robots
  • Famous Scientists and Explorers


  • Stone Age
  • Discovering Ancient Greece
  • The Vikings
  • World War I / II
  • The Plague and Great Fire of London
  • What the Romans Did For Us
  • Ancient Egypt


  • Amazon Adventure
  • The Jungle
  • Survival and Evolution
creative education

‘Burnley Youth Theatre has provided excellent Drama curriculum lessons throughout the school, linked to the children’s other curriculum areas. They have had a big positive impact on our schools teaching and learning provision’

‘We have had such a brilliant afternoon working with Burnley Youth Theatre to support our Great Plague Topic! It was a perfect hook lesson for the children and they absolutely loved it!’