What to expect when you visit

Welcome Back: What to expect when you visit

We’re very excited to be reopening on 28th September, and have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks and months to make sure that the building and all of our activities are Covid Secure. On this page we wanted to share some of the measures we have put in place to ensure that all of our participants, staff and artists are kept as safe as possible. 

What you can expect from Burnley Youth Theatre

  • One way system in place to control the flow of participants and staff 
  • Socially distanced waiting areas for participants to wait safely before they enter sessions 
  • Hand sanitising stations throughout the building 
  • Touch point and toilet cleaning between each workshop and a deep clean of all workshop spaces and toilets daily
  • Socially distanced workshop spaces with clear 2 metre markers to keep participants safe 
  • Appropriate workshop games and activities which will be non contact and keep everyone at a 2 metre distance throughout 
  • If Burnley Youth Theatre are unable to open the building due to local or national restrictions or an outbreak of Covid-19 on site, all workshops will transfer to be online Zoom sessions, working in the same groups as the face to face workshops and with the same workshop leader where possible.

We remain fully accessible – you can find all our access information online here.

Arrivals and Departures 

  • When you arrive, please stay in your car or safely in the car park area (if not travelling by car) until the workshop start time. Please do not arrive early or late for workshops as this will disrupt the Covid secure measures we will have in place at the start of each workshop
  • When your child’s workshop is due to begin, the workshop leader will come out of the building and signal when it is safe for them to enter
  • They must follow the one way system around the outside of the building (and signage for their group) and wait on the socially distanced markers until they are called into the building 
  • They must sanitise their hands on arrival and register their attendance 
  • They will then be guided to a marker within the workshop space where they will sit, ready for the workshop to begin
  • When the workshops finishes, they will leave the space (sanitising their hands on departure) and follow the one way system back round to the car park
  • Parents / carers must wait in their cars or safely in the car park for participants to exit the building.

Spaces and facilities 

  • Most workshops will take place in the theatre or Room to Move. The entry point for these spaces is around the back of the building (follow the one way system around to the right of the building) 
  • For workshops taking place in the foyer, participants must wait on the socially distanced markers at the front of the building until they are called in through the main entrance doors
  • Parents/carers will not be allowed into the building and must remain in their cars / at a distance if not travelling by car and must not congregate with other parents/carers before or after sessions 
  • Parents/carers of participants in Little Imaginations, Junior Connect, Youth Connect and Adult Connect can accompany the participant to the entrance and then must either come into the session as their carer or wait in their car incase any personal needs arise throughout the workshop 
  • All workshop spaces will have clear signage and have markers for participants to sit and stand that are in 2 metre gaps 
  • Some workshops will have a larger capacity (due to demand) and will be split into two groups (or bubbles) that will operate in two different spaces at the same time. Participants must not mix across bubbles at the start or end of the workshop
  • There will be toilets available for participants to use if they really need it (including an accessible toilet). We have made workshops short to minimise the number of participants needing to use the toilet to ensure facilities can be kept clean at all times so please communicate with your child that the toilet should only be used if they are desperate
  • The foyer will be closed for the foreseeable future and there will be no drinks or snacks available to participants.

What Burnley Youth Theatre expects from participants 

  • The following of government guidelines on social distancing and general hygiene including washing and sanitizing hands 
  • Adherence to the rules set out by Burnley Youth Theatre and respect for the workshop leaders and support staff working with participants to keep them safe.

What Burnley Youth Theatre expects from parents / carers 

  • To communicate all of this information clearly to participants before they come to their first session 
  • To only send participants to sessions if they are feeling well and are not showing any signs of Covid-19. Please do not send siblings of children who are self isolating due to showing signs of Covid-19
  • If a participant gets sent home from a session with signs of Covid-19, they will not be allowed to back to workshops after 14 days or if they can prove they have a negative Covid-19 test result 
  • To have respect and compliance if Burnley Youth Theatre contacts you to say your child or person you care for are showing signs of Covid-19 and cannot remain in their session 
  • To contact us if your child or person you care for shows signs of Covid-19 away from Burnley Youth Theatre and gets a positive Covid-19 test result. If a participant gets a positive Covid-19 test result, they will not be allowed back to Burnley Youth Theatre for 14 days.

Track and Trace 

  • Burnley Youth Theatre are legally required to keep contact information of all participants who attend a workshop for 21 days for NHS Track and Trace. By completing the consent form at the point of booking, you have given us permission to store and share contact information if required to by NHS Track and Trace. 

What should participants bring to workshops

  • We ask that participants do not bring anything to workshops with them apart from a drink of water that is in a bottle that can be clearly identified as their own or has their name on it
  • We will not permit snacks or any food to be eaten in the building and there will be no refreshments available to buy on site 
  • Please do not bring mobile phones or electronic devices as there will be nowhere for these to be stored during the workshop
  • Coats can be worn and umbrellas used on a rainy or cold day but participants must make sure they place them neatly in a designated area and not near other participants outdoor items 
  • Masks will not be required when attending Burnley Youth Theatre however if a participant would prefer to wear a mask or visor or use any other PPE equipment then they are free to do so. If a participant needs a certain brand of hand sanitiser or gel for any existing skin conditions, please bring their own supply to use whilst attending workshops.