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Tuesday 4 April
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Tuesday 4th April at 7pm
Suitable for ages 11yrs+ and adults.

Figuring it out and fitting in; what makes you, you?

12 unique young voices come together on stage, to explore what it means to question your identity in a world that feels determined to put you in a box. Devised and performed by the young people living through this reality right now, join them in discovering that there is freedom in the flux and that labels are for bottles, not people.

Flux is a contemporary theatre show devised and performed by Mortal Fools Ensemble Young Company, showcasing an original soundtrack, bold set design, and the incredible talent, insights and lived experience of young people.

Flux is for teenagers, young people and adults – it’s heart-warming, hopeful, colourful, bold, empowering, funny, poignant, thought provoking and a reminder, that you’re not alone in feeling like a “mess” sometimes.

Binary breakers, stereotype smashers, convention clingers, people pleasers, distracted dreamers, ally activists, hopeful homebodies, evolving explorers, GOAT gamers, fashionable friends, Tik-Toking trendsetters, simping stans, radical rebels, the woke and the weird. Universally unique and all welcome here. You are one of us. We see you. Join us?

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