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Sunday 7 April
Sunday 7th April
Under 6s and their grown ups
Adult £6
Child £6
Plus :
Free Arts & Craft and Sensory Play 1 hour before or after the show

Deep in the forest live Mammy, Daddy and Baby Bear. Each day the Three Bears head into the woods to collect interesting things to re-use in their home. Soon their cosy house is turned upside down by a colourful whirlwind that threatens to sit in their chairs, eat their porridge and
sleep in their beds. It’s Goldilocks!

Bring your bears for an adventure in the woods, with original music, puppets and a tale you thought you knew.

Every show is relaxed so join us for this friendly and fun theatre experience for children aged 6 and under and their grown-ups.

Who is Kitchen Zoo? 

Based in the north east, the company specialise in new adaptations of classic and folk stories. They have a reputation for creating high quality performances that are often ideal introductory theatre experiences for children.

In a Kitchen Zoo performance:
• You are welcome to make noise
• There will be a variety of seating, sit wherever you feel comfortable, carpets, cushions or chairs
• You can move about and wiggle, there’s no expectation to sit still
• There are no blackouts, we will always have lights on in the space
• You can leave the space and re-enter at any time

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